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Ugo Tesoriere Self Portrait

Ugo Tesoriere was an artist who took a leap of faith and traveled far to follow his dream.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1923 to Sicilian immigrant parents, Ugo Tesoriere graduated from NYU Medical School and practiced medicine in New York City for several years. As a young doctor in his thirties, Tesoriere fell in love with art.


Although an inspired collector of the work of Giacomo Manzu, Edgar Degas, and Giorgio Morandi, he himself had never touched brush to canvas. Tesoriere’s metamorphic decision to abandon his successful medical practice and move to Italy to become an artist was therefore truly an act of great courage.


When he arrived in Rome he was greeted by Valeria Giannini at the request of a mutual friend. Meeting Valeria changed Ugo's life forever and started him on his journey as an artist.


Click here to read more about Ugo and Valeria's lives, and how Ugo grew as an artist.

Ugo Tesoriere Landscape
Valeria with Gold Necklace
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